Kamini Ramdeen

Position title: Author

Website: Kamini Ramdeen's website

I’m Kamini Ramdeen, and I work as a senior news editor at theSkimm in New York City. And I am a creative ball of energy.

I spent the majority of my career editing the creative works of others and wanted to take some ownership of my bubbling creative energies.

In 2020, I started the clothing brand Paulo Grand to spark conversations about the first-generation American identity. And, alongside a team of real ones, brought the book “untold: defining moments of the uprooted” into the world. It’s an award-winning, modern, nonfiction, South Asian anthology that covers topics like infertility, mental health, body issues and so much more.

I’m also a photographer — specializing in editorial and brand campaign photography. (Peep my portfolio for some of my favorite shots.) And I’m a huge bibliophile. I always have a book recommendation handy and love to share my thoughts on my latest reads.

Here, you’ll find book reviews and insights into the projects I’m working on. This is a space where we can share our creative energy and support each other to reach the goals we want to attain. My latest project is sewing a line of crop tops that may end up in Paulo Grand’s next collection. Hmmm.

There’s always more to come, so follow along and ask me anything.