A Project of the South Asia National Outreach Consortium

Kavita Ramchandran

Position title: Illustrator

Kavita Ramchandran is an illustrator and graphic designer based in New York City, though she is originally from Mumbai, India. Over the past decade she has art directed children’s magazines, designed elementary-school text books, illustrated the award winning app HangART and is creator of the animated shorts – MAYA THE INDIAN PRINCESS and HAPPY HOLI MAYA! for Nick Jr. She made her debut as a picture book illustrator with DANCING IN THATHA’S FOOTSTEPS (winner of the 2022 South Asia Book Award), and is currently working on a few more. Her upcoming non-fiction picture book A IS FOR ASIAN AMERICAN, (Haymarket Books) is scheduled to be published in Summer 2023. She works across media, both traditional and digital, and is known for her profligate use of color.